JLB Woven Straps

JLB Woven Straps
Front Royal, Virginia
(540) 660-1195

Belts, Sash & Leg Tie straps and sets, Bag & Powder Horn straps and sets, Purse straps, Camera straps, Guitar straps, Dog Collars and Leashes or matched sets
High quality 100% cotton Inkle loom woven straps 1/2" to 2 1/8" wide and up to 8' - 4" long. $30.00-$80.00, depending on sizes and patterns.
Email or call for a quote.
Basic patterns (patterns can be mixed - see examples below)
DSC_0656_2608.JPG Length-wise stripes (outside edges need to be the same color) DSC_0659_2611.JPG Cross-wise stripes DSC_0662_2614.JPG Checkered
DSC_0664_2616.JPG Crosses DSC_0667_2619.JPG Center chain (shown with length-wise and cross-wise stripes) DSC_0671_2623.JPG Egyptian Key

Available Colors:
  1. Browns Dark Taupe, Warm Brown, Brown, Medium Rust, Jute, Amber, Linen.

  2. Greens Forest Green, Sage, Bright Green, Parsley.

  3. Reds Red, Country Red, Honey Suckle, Burgundy.

  4. Blues Bright Navy, Indigo, Blue Jeans, Stone Washed, Light Blue, Hot Blue, Soft Blue, Blueberry.

  5. Whites White, Ecru, Soft Ecru, Cream.

  6. Yellows Sunshine, Country Yellow.

  7. Purples Black Currant, Hot Purple, Lavender.

  8. Oranges Bright Orange, Tangerine.

  9. Pink Hot Pink.

(Other colors of cotton yarn can be ordered upon request from these Sites)
Pattern and color combination examples:
Picture 20140801 Picture 20140802
Picture 20140803 Picture 20140804
DSC_0052_2002.JPG DSC_0293 cropped.JPG
DSC_0391_1304.JPG DSC_0492_1433.JPG
DSC_0498_2448 cropped.JPG DSC_0519_1460.JPG
DSC_0907_1846.JPG DSC_0591_2543.JPG
DSC_0565_2517.JPG DSC_0568_2520.JPG
DSC_0573_2525.JPG DSC_0576_1517.JPG
DSC_0550_1491.JPG DSC_0528_2478.JPG
DSC_0443_2393.JPG DSC_0619_1560.JPG
Guitar Strap.JPG Nikon Camera Strap.JPG
DSC_0717_1658.JPG DSC_0697_1638.JPG
DSC_0737_1678.JPG DSC_0828_1769.JPG
DSC_0976_1912.JPG DSC_0847_1787.JPG
DSC_0672_1613.JPG DSC_0546_2496.JPG

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